About us

Open joint stock company "KAVIM RAŠKA" a.d. RAŠKA is transformed from social transport enterprise "Jugoprevoz Raška" in the privatization process, so that 70% of social capital was sold on 06.03.2009. to its present majority owner, the D.O.O. "KAVIM JEDINSTVO" from Vranje, which is ultimately 100% owned by "KAVIM PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION INTERNATIONAL (2002) LTD" from Israel.


As part of its core activities „Kavim Raška” a.d. Raška provides services of suburban line transport on the territory of Serbia, urban and suburban transport in the municipality of Raška and occasional domestic and foreign line transport for its own and other travel agencies. Transportation is also arranged for elementary and secondary schools as well as employees of other companies.


Activities of ,, KAVIM RAŠKA” a.d. RAŠKA include passaner transport in road transportation, tourism, maintenance  and vehicle tehnical inspection.,,KAVIM RAŠKA“ a.d. RAŠKA is the largest transportation company in the territory of Raska municipality with 138 employees and a fleet of 30 buses.

Supervising board:

President - Zeev Horen (CEO Kavim International 2002 LTD)

Member - Tomer Cohen (CEO Mayer Cars and Trucks LTD)

Member - Radenko Cvetić

Board of directors

Ivica Milanov - Director

Vladan Šalović - Traffic director

Tanja Ilić - Financial director


Internal control

Saša Stevanović - Internal control and security manager, PhD in the field of Defense and Security, Colonel (Ret)


Auditing company:

Baker Tilly Western Balkan



Ivica Milanov - CEO

Vladan Šalović - Traffic manager

Tanja Ilić - CFO

Vesna Jovanović - Lawyer




Annual report - 2011 | pdf 55.5kb

GFI-PD 2011 | pdf 98.4kb