The company development started in 1947 when the "Špedicija za istovar, utovar i uskladištenje roba 'Studenica'” was founded. In 1953 it was merged with company ,,27. Novembar” from Raška focused on timber processing.  On May 1st 1954 the company is reinstated in the transportation business with the name  "Špedicijsko transportno preduzeće ,'Budućnost'"  which is later integrated with transportation company ,,Autoprevoz” from Čačak. The final consolidation resulted with yet another division so on Sep 26th 1989 the company was reinstated as an independent company witha new name DSP ,,Jugoprevoz Raška” from Raška. On August 28th 2000 it finaly got its present name - "Autoprevoz Raska".

All these organizational changes were folloed by technological and economic growth from a small company providing low end industry services to a modern transportation company with high class bus fleet.

Today ,,KAVIM RAŠKA” a.d. Raška is an open joint stock company , transformed from social transport enterprise in the privatization process, so that 70% of social capital was sold on 06.03.2009. to its present majority owner, the D.O.O. "KAVIM JEDINSTVO" from Vranje, which is ultimately 100% owned by "KAVIM PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION INTERNATIONAL (2002) LTD" from Israel.